Sol ~ Autism Team are families with children diagnosed with autism and related disorders, united by a common purpose: helping families who are in our same situation. We are willing to give everything for our children in this path of light and hope.  We want to create a healthy, safe and secure environment for our children.
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Sol ~ Autism Team son familias con niños diagnosticados con autismo y trastornos relacionados, unidos por un propósito en común: y esta es ayudar a las familias que están en nuestra misma situación. Estamos dispuestos a dar todo por nuestros hijos en este camino de luz y esperanza. Queremos crear un ambiente sano y seguro para nuestros hijos.

Our mission is to provide information to families, friends and the community in general about the Autism Spectrum through workshops and Orientations with leaders and specialists from different agencies.

** For many we are a support group, but what we really are is a big family that shares the same struggles and barriers but we also share the desire to Brighten our children's future! We invite our families, friends and community to be part of the sunshines and brighten the path of AUTISM!